Proton Radiography and Fast Electron Propogation Through Cyliderically Compressed Targets 581.29 KB 0 downloads

R. Jafer, L. Volpe, D. Batani, M. Koenig, S. Baton, E. Brambrink and F. Perez, F....

The HiPER project for inertial confinement fusion and some experimental results on advanced ignition schemes 785.63 KB 1 downloads

D. Batani, M. Koenig, S. Baton, F. Perez, L.A. Gizzi, P. Koester, L. Labate, J. Honrubia,...

Nonlocal effects in the self-consistent nonlinear 3D propagation of an ultrastrong, femtosecond laser pulse in plasmas 695.21 KB 0 downloads

D. Jovanovic, R. Fedele, F. Tanjia, S. De Nicola, L.A. Gizzi Eur. Phys. J. D 66,...