High-quality 5 GeV electron bunches with resonant multi-pulse ionization injection

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P. Tomassini, D. Terzani, F. Baffigi, F. Brandi, L. Fulgentini, P. Koester, L. Labate, D. Palla and L. A. Gizzi

Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 62 (2020) 014010


The production of high-quality electron bunches in laser wakefield acceleration relies on the possibility of injecting ultra-low emittance bunches in the plasma wave. A new bunch injection scheme (resonant multi-pulse ionization, ReMPI) has been conceived and studied, in which electrons extracted by ionization are trapped by a large-amplitude plasma wave driven by a train of resonant ultrashort pulses. Such a train of pulses can be obtained in a very efficient, compact and stable way, by phase manipulation in the laser front-end. The ReMPI injection scheme relies on currently available laser technology and is being considered for the implementation of future compact x-ray free electron laser schemes. Simulations show that high-quality electron bunches with an energy of up to 5 GeV and a peak current exceeding 2 kA, with normalized emittance of below 0.1 mm × mrad and a slice energy spread of below 0.1%, can be obtained with a single stage.

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