Conceptual Design of a Laser Driver for a Plasma Accelerator User Facility

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G. Toci, Z. Mazzotta, L. Labate, F. Mathieu, M. Vannini, B. Patrizi and Leonida A. Gizzi

Instruments 2019, 3, 40


The purpose of the European project EuPRAXIA is to realize a novel plasma accelerator user facility. The laser driven approach sets requirements for a very high performance level for the laser system: pulse peak power in the petawatt range, pulse repetition rate of several tens of Hz, very high beam quality and overall stability of the system parameters, along with 24/7 operation availability for experiments. Only a few years ago these performances were considered unrealistic, but recent advances in laser technologies, in particular in the chirped pulse amplification (CPA) of ultrashort pulses and in high energy, high repetition rate pump lasers have changed this scenario.
This paper discusses the conceptual design and the overall architecture of a laser system operating as the driver of a plasma acceleration facility for different applications. The laser consists of a multi-stage amplification chain based CPA Ti:Sapphire, using frequency doubled, diode laser pumped Nd or Yb solid state lasers as pump sources. Specific aspects related to the cooling strategy of the main amplifiers, the operation of pulse compressors at high average power, and the beam pointing diagnostics are addressed in detail.

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