Laser-Plasma Acceleration with FLAME and ILIL Ultraintense Lasers

Laser-Plasma Acceleration with FLAME and ILIL Ultraintense Lasers
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Leonida Antonio Gizzi, Carlo Benedetti, Carlo Alberto Cecchetti, Giampiero Di Pirro, Andrea Gamucci, Giancarlo Gatti, Antonio Giulietti, Danilo Giulietti, Petra Koester, Luca Labate, Tadzio Levato, Naveen Pathak and Francesco Piastra

APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, vol. 3, 559, (2013)


We report on the development of radiation and electron sources based on laser-plasma acceleration for biomedical and nuclear applications, using both the table top TW laser at ILIL and the 220 TW FLAME laser system at LNF. We use the ILIL laser to produce wakefield electrons in a self-focusing dominated regime in a mm scale gas-jet to generate large, uniform beams of MeV electrons for electron radiography and radiobiology applications. This acceleration regime is described in detail and key parameters are given to establish reproducible and reliable operation of this source. We use the FLAME laser to drive laser-plasma acceleration in a cm-scale gas target to obtain stable production of >100 MeV range electrons to drive a Thomson scattering gamma-ray source for nuclear applications.


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