A Few MeV Laser-Plasma Accelerated Proton Beam in Air Collimated Using Compact Permanent Quadrupole Magnets

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F. Brandi, L. Labate, D. Palla, S. Kumar, L. Fulgentini, P. Koester, F. Baffigi, M. Chiari, D. Panetta, L.A. Gizzi

Appl. Sci. 11(14), 6358 (2021)


Proton laser-plasma-based acceleration has nowadays achieved a substantial maturity allowing to seek for possible practical applications, as for example Particle Induced X-ray Emission with few MeV protons. Here we report about the design, implementation, and characterization of a few MeV laser-plasma-accelerated proton beamline in air using a compact and cost-effective beam transport line based on permanent quadrupole magnets. The magnetic beamline coupled with a laser-plasma source based on a 14-TW laser results in a well-collimated proton beam of about 10 mm in diameter propagating in air over a few cm distance.

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